Premium Mens Stretchable Scrub Series – Grey

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Stretchable Scrub Series
Comprises of great stretch factor fabric for more easy movement, comfortable, breezy and drapes wonderfully well on the wearer’s body. This premium is ALL ABOUT COMFYNESS!
Yes, we heard you and we’re taking action! Drawstring waist because everything should be easier & practical in health practise.
Material is exclusively imported all way into Malaysia. Comprises of 65% rayon, 30% Nylon and 5% spandex. Its is wrinkle free & ironless.
This new design is accredited for Falabies requests & opinion from our old pre existing design. The new ‘V’ neck is form of simplicity. Its fond mostly by men, free hair & certain departments such as ED, Orthopaedic , Surgery & anaesthetist as it covers the chest modestly smart.
Other features include;
  • ● Double chest pocket on left side
  • ● Two below top pocket
  • ● Pen pocket at left arm
  • ● Two side pockets for pants
We hope more colours to bring in future if more demand ! Let us know Falabies.!
*The V neck new design is highly protected under copyright. Any trial of plagiarism of our product will be taken into action.


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