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  • Suture Kit Engraving
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  • Hi This suture kit promises you its exclusive detailings. The tools are customised printed with FA logo . Mean while the leather casing is water proof yet making it look so exclusive for a gift.

THIS NEW upgraded version provides 3 new additional items and improvements on the skin pad soft texture according to international standard.

Not just that the items inside is worthy every falabies. Here are the items inside :

  • 1 Nontooth forcep
  • 1 Toothed forcep (Newly added)
  • 1 Blade handle 
  • 1 Artery
  • 1 Suture scissors
  • 1 Pack ‘eyed’ needle – 9-11 needles inside various size 
  • 1 Blade
  • 1 Blade cap (Newly added)
  • 1 Wire (Newly added)
  • 1 Roll silk suture ~ 10meters
  • 1 Double layer skin pad (improved)


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